Viviscal Man Full Force Fortifying Shampoo

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Viviscal Man Full Force Fortifying Shampoo

Viviscal Man Full Force Fortifying Shampoo is the ultimate hair thickening treatment for men. Full Force Shampoo makes hair look fuller with our exclusive thickening ingredient Ana:Tel and strengthens strands with the anti-breakage ingredient Keravis. Our proven formula nourishes the outside of hair with healthy hair ingredients including Biotin, Zinc and Keratin, while deep cleaning the hair and scalp to create the ideal environment for healthy hair growth.

Full Force Fortifying Shampoo for men is good for daily use on all hair types, including dry, color-treated, fine or thin hair.

  • Cleanses and strengthens, leaving hair looking thicker fuller
  • Contains Ana:Tel which extends the hair growth phase and reduces hair fall.
  • Blended with Biotin, Zinc and Keratin to promote healthy looking hair growth.
  • Contains strengthening ingredient, keravis, to help increase hair strength and resistance to breakage.
  • Will leave your hair looking feeling thicker fuller instantly.