The Barberia Men Log Face Wash x 150Ml - 5 Oz

$11.99 USD

The Barberia Men Log Face Wash x 150Ml - 5 Oz


About this item

  • Revitalize and Renew: Experience the benefits of an anti-aging face wash that gently cleanses and revitalizes your skin the perfect exfoliating face scrub facial cleanser for men
  • Gentle Exfoliation: This organic face gentle cleanser combines the effectiveness of a cleanser face wash and exfoliating scrub, face wash for dry skin revealing smoother skin.
  • Tailored for Men men skin care, Designed as a face cleanser for men, it tackles acne, dryness, and impurities, essential addition to your men's face wash routine the perfect face wash for men.
  • Hydrating Elegance: Enjoy the perfect men face scrub, balance of hydration and cleanliness with this natural face wash, suitable for even the most sensitive skin men face moisturizer.
  • Nature's Nourishment: men skin care Crafted with care, our organic face wash is a blend of gentle exfoliation and nourishing ingredients, promoting healthy, clear skin.

Benefits: Deep cleanses (exfoliating), removes fat and impurities from the face (blackheads and pimples), combats signs of fatigue, leaves the skin fresh and
revitalized, does not dry out the skin. 0% alcohol for sensitive skin.

Volcanic Lava: Exfoliant, removes and prevents impurities.
Ginseng: Fights signs of tiredness and fatigue.