Membership Plans FAQs

What can I expect to receive with my monthly subscription?

Get ready for the best in beauty! For as little as $4.99 per month, you will get up to $165 worth of beauty, skincare, makeup, haircare, body care, and more! The number of products varies per month, ranging between one and three free products (sometimes more!).

Additionally, you will receive members-only discounts, limited-edition products and VIP promotions.

Can I customize my subscription?

We are passionate about beauty, self-care and wellness. This is why, we let our product experts to hand-pick the best products in our inventory – which you might not have found on your own – to send them directly to your mailbox each month, saving you time and money.

At this time the subscription is not customizable, but the products, discounts and promotions you will receive are curated considering the time of year, monthly trends and best sellers. 

So while we don't offer personalization at this time, the products, discounts and promotions you will receive are curated each month considering the time of year, monthly trends, best sellers and more! 

How do you sell products that are every bit as premium as the other beauty brands but at such low prices?

It's simple. We buy direct, cutting out the middlemen. Our team of highly-experienced product curators work source directly from the world's leading beauty and wellness brands and manufacturers.  And, by stripping out the typical industry markups, we are able to offer dramatic savings to our members.

Which products will I receive when I sign up?

Once you subscribe, you'll get a personalized email with your member-only discounts and VIP promotions, as well as the products you will be receiving that month.

Can I skip or cancel my subscription?

Absolutely! You're in charge of your membership and there is no catch and no commitment. Unless you totally love your monthly subscription (which happens a lot!), you can skip or cancel at anytime.  Otherwise, your subscription will renew automatically each month.

Just contact us with your request to skip or cancel at – it is really that simple!

Do you offer products other than the monthly subscription

Your monthly subscription is just the beginning. You will also get access to any of the products in our store plus limited edition products at deeply discounted rates, using your members-only discount and VIP promotions.

How can I get in touch?

Easy! Just contact us at


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