Kativa One Instant Repair hair heat protectant spray - Shield and Restore Your Hair with 12 Powerful Benefits!

$12.99 USD

Kativa One Instant Repair Hair Heat Protectant Spray - Shield and Restore Your Hair with 12 Powerful Benefits!


About this item

  • Advanced Heat Protection Safeguard your hair from heat damage with the ultimate defense of Kativa One Instant Repair heat protectant for hair, the perfect hair care product.
  • 12 Remarkable Benefits for hair care with 12 incredible benefits . including, heat protectant spray for hair, anti frizz hair products, hair protein treatment,texture spray for hair and more.
  • Superior hair spray Thermal Shield: Formulated with cutting-edge technology, this hair protectant spray from heat. and its travel size hairspray.
  • Nourishing Restoration:this Infused spray bottle for hair with nourishing ingredients, hair serum for frizzy and damaged hair, leaving it healthy and vibrant. the perfect travel size hair products.
  • Enjoy a hair care products lightweight formula that doesn't weigh down your hair or leave any oily residue.