How to Apply Kativa Products

How to Apply Kativa Products

If you're seeking salon-quality hair care with a natural touch, Kativa is a brand to trust. Known for its transformative effects, Kativa offers a range of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments designed to restore hair vitality and promote a healthier look.

If you’ve recently purchased Kativa products from The Beauty Corner or are considering it, this guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of applying them for optimal results. Plus, learn why The Beauty Corner is your best choice for Kativa products in Puerto Rico.

Preparing for Application

Start by assessing your hair type and gathering the tools you'll need:

  • Assess Your Hair Type: Whether it's dry, oily, or normal, knowing your hair type helps you choose the right Kativa products.
  • Gather Your Tools: Have a wide-tooth comb, a soft towel, and a hairdryer (optional) ready. For deep treatments, you may need a shower cap.
  • Wash Your Hair: Use a gentle shampoo to ensure your hair is clean before applying any Kativa products.

Applying Kativa Shampoo

The first step is shampooing with Kativa. Here's the correct way to do it:

  1. Wet Your Hair: Use lukewarm water to avoid stripping natural oils.
  2. Apply the Shampoo: Pour a small amount into your palm, rub your hands together to create lather, and gently massage into your scalp.
  3. Rinse Thoroughly: Ensure all shampoo is rinsed out to avoid buildup.

Applying Kativa Conditioner

After shampooing, follow these steps to condition your hair:

  1. Apply Conditioner to the Ends: Focus on the mid-lengths and ends, avoiding the scalp.
  2. Comb Through Gently: Use a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute and detangle.
  3. Leave It In for a Few Minutes: Allow the conditioner to work for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly: Ensure all conditioner is rinsed out.

Applying Kativa Deep Treatments

For intense nourishment and repair, Kativa deep treatments are ideal. Here's how to apply them:

  1. Apply After Conditioning: Focus on the mid-lengths and ends for deep treatment.
  2. Use a Shower Cap (Optional): This can enhance the treatment with heat.
  3. Leave It In for the Recommended Time: Follow the product's instructions.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly: Ensure all product is removed.

Finishing Touches and Styling Tips

After completing your hair care routine with Kativa, consider these tips:

  • Dry Your Hair Gently: Pat dry with a soft towel to avoid frizz.
  • Use a Heat Protectant: If styling with heat, apply a protectant spray like Kativa One Instant Repair Heat Protectant.
  • Style as Desired: Follow your usual styling routine.

Why Choose The Beauty Corner for Kativa Products?

The Beauty Corner is your go-to destination in Puerto Rico for Kativa products. Here's why:

By choosing The Beauty Corner for your Kativa products, you gain access to a trusted source for hair care solutions. Explore our collection and find the perfect Kativa product to meet your hair care goals.

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